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Anti Static Brush Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2016 To 2024

  1. Published: November, 2017
  2. Format: Electronic (PDF)
  3. Number of pages: 70
  4. Industry: Sensors & Controls

The Global Anti static brush market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% from 2016 to 2024. An Antistatic device is a device that dampens, reduces or inhibits the discharge of static electricity which can cause damage to electrical components such as hard drives & can even ignite flammable liquids & gases.

Anti-static brushes are used for cleaning and manufacturing, the electronic components and static charge sensitive products, which do not create static charge. Over the years, to meet the demand associated with ESD buildup, a variety of anti-static brushes have been assembled

ESD line offers a comprehensive selection of Anti-Static, Static Dissipative, Conductive, and Isolative brushes. Cleanroom and medical brushes are high-heat tolerant, thereby making them Autoclavable. On the basis of application, the type of brush required depends on surface resistivity and filling & properties of brush required for the application. Offered brushes are acclaimed by customers owing to high protection, durability and lightweight.

Anti-static brush should be used only in liquid environment in extreme voltage sensitive applications. It consists of polonium, a radio-active element, which ionizes the air around brush due to radiation, making it conductive and carrying away the static charge. Some Brushes contain up to 500 micro curies of Po for neutralizing static electricity.

Only conductive or dissipative materials should be used in ESD safe areas in Dry environment.

Asia Pacific dominated the global market in 2016, in terms of demand & the trend is expected to continue in the near future. In the next few years, growth in key downstream markets such as electronics components and automotive components is expected to boost demand in the next few years. Europe and North America is expected to have sluggish market conditions over heavy governmental regulations conjointly with saturated end-user markets. Middle East & Africa is projected to be the fastest-growing market in the near future, while Latin America will foresee steady growth.

Applications of Anti static Brush Market is currently confined only to electronic components, different sectors have not yet implemented anti static brush & is expected to be the opportunity to explore. Customized brush for different applications across different industries would revive growth opportunities for the market. Electronic and automotive components, is foreseen to be dominant factor boosting demand for anti-static brushes in key downstream markets during the forecasted period.

Demand in Cosmetic Industry is expected to grow due to implementation of various applications.

The Anti static brush market is segmented by regions, types, applications and raw material used. On the basis of region, four major regions USA, Europe, China and Japan contributes most to the market.

On the basis of Raw material used, Wood, Horse hair, goat hair & hog bristle are the materials used to make brushes. As long as the brush continues to stay in liquid environment, these materials can be used in ESD sensitive areas.

Dryer sheets are anti-static and are also great for your baseboards and its anti-static properties will repel the dirt and dust for a period. To meet the variety of needs associated with ESD buildup, a variety of custom anti-static brushes have been assembled over the years.

ESD brushes are also used for Static Dissipation and Wiping, Dusting/Dirt Removal, Solder Removal, Circuit Board Preparation, Circuit Board Rework, Lead Trimming Rework and Edge Connector Cleaning.

Gordon Brush, Precision Brush, RES Technology and RIB (Kullen group) are key manufacturers of Anti static brush globally. Gordon brush & precision brush offers flexibility to customize the brush surface resistivity to suit the application.

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