Market Research Services

Industry Research

Hexa Research offers comprehensive and detailed industry landscape and market research reports, with in-depth market segmentation, validated estimates and forecast. Our syndicated market research reports are diligently built systematic analysis of the market. Our teams of analysts monitor key industries, identifying critical markets and publish syndicated market research reports.

Our industry research reports include complete market statistics and forecast, along with identification and analysis of key industry dynamics and competitive landscape, including detailed profiles of top companies. Our teams of analysts employ a dynamic research methodology, using a combination of authenticated secondary and primary research to provide an unbiased and accurate picture of the market in order to deliver maximum value to the client.

Custom Research

In several instances, a client’s requirement may not be fully met with an off the shelf syndicated research report. In such cases, our team of domain experts and industry analysts take over and design a customized research study, tailored to fit the client’s needs. Through customization, our clients can obtain focused research on specific application or product markets, specific to their interest; additionally, we also provide region-based reports. Some of the common custom studies published by Hexa Research include,

  • Application and product development focus
  • Regional industry landscape and market research
  • Competitive landscape studies


Hexa Research has significant competencies in not only providing clients with complete industry research, but also helping them design and implement business strategies to consolidate and gain competitive market position. Our teams of consultants include domain experts from various business aspects such as sales, operations, supply-chain and client management. Our consultants stand side-by-side with the clients as they face challenges and strive for their goals. Some of our consulting offerings include;

  • Market entry
  • Pricing analysis and strategy
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Partner management
  • Vendor selection
  • Technology & innovation
  • CRM