Industry Reports in Smart Textiles

The waterproof breathable textiles (WBT) market is expected to grow from 2016 to 2024 owing to the rising demand for high performance, & comfortable sportswear

October 2015 $ 4700 Read More

The global touch screen glove market is expected to grow at a significant pace over the next eight years owing to advancement and commoditization of touch display technologies.

January 2015 $ 4700 Read More

Smart and interactive textiles are superior cloth products integrated with electronic machinery such as sensors for a variety of applications such as heat management, health monitoring, communication response and actuation. Maximum users of interactive and smart textiles include military, transportation, and consumer applications such asfitness, medical and sports. Smart textiles are materials which consists the capability to act in response to natural stimuli from mechanical, thermal, magnetic, electrical sources.

February 2014 $ 4500 Read More