Industry Reports in Electronic Security Systems

The global internet protocol security camera market was valued at USD 4.96 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 23.0% from 2017 to 2025. The demand for IP security camera is expected to increase as organizations both public and private seek to safeguard people and infrastructure. The rising importance for better resolution in order to get images with high clarity is projected to open new avenues for internet protocol security camera market in the near future. 

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The global video surveillance market is anticipated to tread along a healthy growth trajectory between 2017 and 2025, the forecast period. Video surveillance finds increased application in banking and financial services, transportation and retail industries, and the manufacturing sector. Their incorporation is greater in more industrialized countries due to higher user awareness and larger size of end-use industries. The market has evolved significantly over the last decade, owing to rapid developments in cloud computing and wireless technologies.  

December 2018 $ 3950 Read More

The worldwide airport security market was valued over USD 8.4 billion in 2015. It is projected at about USD 13.4 billion by 2024 (forecast period - 2016 to 2024). The segment of ‘safety surveillance’ held over 9% of the total shares in 2015.

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IR (infrared) cameras are non-contact devices that detect infrared heat & convert it into electrical signals. When processed, these signals produce thermal images on video screens and calculate the temperature.

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Commercial drones are small aircrafts which are guided by remote control. Commercial drones help in capturing video and high definition images of a natural disaster and provide real time data in all weather conditions to base stations. Drones have features such as simple and smooth operating, assembly and transport, flying distances and maintenance cost.

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Growing concerns for safety & security and terrorist activities are the important factors driving the demand for physical security systems, worldwide. Rise in criminal activities have made security solutions more sophisticated as well as complicated which is expected to emerge the services sectors in physical security market. Security needs for personnel, hardware, information and network infrastructure has raised the need for innovative physical security products which is anticipated to grow the market.

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Increasing demand of high level of security in different industries is the key factor driving the growth of the biometric technology. Biometric technology deals with the security purpose implied in a system which uses identical human characteristic such as face, hand geometry, voice, signature, iris, vein, DNA and finger print. Increasing number of terror attacks and crimes has forced to develop such system which provides high level of security.

November 2014 $ 3950 Read More

Increasing safety demand in government sector for worker identification and attendance is anticipated to boost the facial recognition market over the next five years. Facial recognition uses biometric technology which gives high level security for private and public sectors. It takes into consideration chosen facial features and crosschecks them with a database to give authorization. Facial recognition includes software, readers and related database for giving security along with accuracy.

May 2014 $ 3950 Read More
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