Research Methodology

Hexa Research is committed to providing comprehensive market research reports, consisting of accurate and validated data, along with critical insights. Our research methodology is an extension to our company philosophy, focusing on the following points: 

  • Authentic data sources
  • Detailed market segmentation
  • Data validation through extensive primary research

Our market research reports are designed with a combination of secondary and primary research. Secondary research is employed for understanding a broad structure of the industry, identifying key industry drivers, restraints, issues and opportunities. Secondary research also helps us in designing a rough estimate of the market and overall baseline quantitative data. A host of data sources are referred during primary research, some of which include:

  • Paid data sources
  • Technical journals
  • Trade magazines
  • Company presentations & reports
  • Independent studies 

Primary research is the most critical aspect of our process. With a dedicated and trained team of primary researchers, our capability in extracting and validating information from key industry participants is our key strength. We conduct, on an average, a minimum of 20 primary discussions for each study, ensuring that only authenticated and validated estimates and analysis are passed on to our clients.