Industry Reports in Organic Chemicals

The global naphthenic acid market size was valued at USD 55.6 million in 2017. It is estimated to register a CAGR of 2.5% over the forecast period. Growing demand for wood in different applications including, furniture, home interiors, and infrastructure is expected to increase the consumption of naphthenic product forms as preservatives for enhancing the durability of the finished goods.

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The India alcohol ethoxylates market is is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.6% in terms of revenue from 2017 to 2025. Development of major industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textile, metal working fluids, and paper is anticipated to propel the country to be one of the largest market for the product. Rising demand for ethoxylates, especially alcohol-based, for applications such as cleaners and detergents, is projected to drive market growth over the forecast period. 

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The Japan alcohol ethoxylates market size is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.3% over the forecast period on account of rising use of the product in detergents and cleaners. High demand from the pharmaceutical industry owing to applications in ointments, creams, and lotions is expected to further drive the market over the forecast period.

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Increasing crop protection, coatings & paints, personal care, water treatment and surfactants applications are anticipated to fuel the global amines market growth over the next five years.

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Global glutamic acid and monosodium market was estimated over 4.33and 4.29 million tonnes in 2015. And both are estimated to exceed valuation worth USD 17.32 and USD 17.38 billion by 2024.

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D-Limonene is a naturally occurring biodegradable solvent and is one of the most common citrus terepenes. It is a major constituent in many citrus oils and is commonly found in lemons, oranges, mandarin, lime and grapefruit.

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The global acetone market was valued at USD 5.75 billion in 2016 and is likely to witness growth over the forecast period. Acetone also known as propanone, is an organic compound used as a solvent. 

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The global Benzoic Acid Market is anticipated to exceed 640 kilotons (KT) by 2024 from 480 kilotons in 2014. It could expand at over 3.2% CAGR over the forecast period (2016-2024).

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The global biopolymer films market, in terms of volume is expected to exceed 17 million tons by 2022. It had a market demand of 5 million tons in 2013. Preference for renewable materials in an attempt to reduce pollution levels is a prominent factor driving this industry.

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In volume terms, the global alkyl polyglucosides (APG) biosurfactants market had exceeded 90 kilo tons in 2015. It is expected to reach around 136 kilo tons by 2024. Ongoing trends suggest that the market capacity will expand at a CAGR of over 4.5% in the forecast period (2016-2024).

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The solvent market is expected to grow at a steady rate over the forecast period. It is driven by increasing demand from the automobile, pharmaceutical, adhesives sealants, printing and construction industry.

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account of increasing demand for sustainable and biodegradable chemicals. Industries are shifting from petrochemical to oleochemicals due to its cheaper cost and eco friendly nature. This factor has been driving the market over the last few years and the trend is expected to continue over the forecast period.

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Growing super absorbent polymer demand particularly in emerging countries is expected to boost the global acrylic acid market over the next five years. Acrylic acid is the primary feedstock for the super absorbent polymers production which has series of applications in hygiene and healthcare industry such as underwear, diapers and sanitary napkins.

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Increasing healthcare spending coupled with growing demand from various end-use applications is expected to drive gelatin market growth. The market is characterized by high demand from food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Growing food processing industry coupled with increasing gelatinous food products demand including candies, ice creams, yogurts are major factors responsible for market growth.

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Global glycolic acid market is expected to witness momentous growth owing to increasing application in major end-use industries including personal care and household cleaning over the forecast period. Rising concern over skin and hair problem among youth is expected to be the major factor driving the global glycolic acid market over the foreseeable period. Growing anti-aging products demand among young inhabitants is further likely to propel the market growth in the future.

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